RF Test Automation systems

Flexible test system automation platform in a box. Ranatec offers both off the shelf and customized systems.

Wireless test automation has become a necessity in order to stay ahead in the race for more and more capable products and systems. Ranatec provides a range of products dedicated to help customer to rationalize their test set-ups and enable efficient and accurate wireless test automation:

  • Ranatec has developed a range of RF switching and routing products. Using high quality RF switches and couplers, any RF-signal path can be set up, to interconnect any device under test to any external or internal test port
  • In addition to flexibly setting up signal paths, Ranatec provides signal conditioning products such as digital attenuators and RF filters, to assure the right power level and bandwidth at any port in a RF test set-up
  • Ranatec also has a range of more advanced and dedicated instruments to e g enable accurate spurious emissions tests (wide range of electronically tunable notch filter) as well as channel emulators to make performance verification under realistic conditions in a laboratory environment

Although many of our products have been developed to meet the requirements from the mobile industry, our wireless test automation products are used across several industries where testing RF equipment is a must. Applications for our products span the whole life-cycle: from early development and evaluation through product release and certification to production testing and in-service performance assessment. As supplier, Ranatec can supply anything from discrete RF-switching modules and digital attenuators to complete test automation solutions, tailored to specific customer demands.