Digital Step Attenuator

Ranatec offers Digital Step Attenuator systems and modules that covers all mobile frequency bands and gives a calibrated attenuation range of more than 90 dB in steps of 0.25 dB, and offers both serial and parallel control logic.

Ranatec’s digital attenuators are used to accurately and reliably set RF-signal levels, either as an integral part of an in-service RF-solution or as part of a wireless test automation system. Applications span multiple industries and technologies.

Ranatec has developed a range of wireless test automation products, enabling accurate and efficient test and verification of RF and microwave subsystems, products and solutions. The Ranatec test automation procuct range contains both general pupose instruments as well as solutions tailored to customer specific demands and are used for design validation and verification, homologation and certification as well as production testing and in-service monitoring.