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High performance Electronically Tunable Band Reject Filter, 450 – 3800 MHz, covering all cellular mobile phone bands.


• Frequency tunable between 450 – 3800 MHz
• 1 kHz center frequency resolution
• 25 ppm frequency stability
• 20 MHz reject bandwidth as standard *
• 35 dB  band reject depth as standard *
• Filter characteristics can be selected in runtime **
• 19”, 3HU rack mountable
• Remote control via LAN
• LabView drivers

* Other filter characteristics available on request
** Multiple filter characteristics are available on request


The Ranatec RI 261 is a high performance electronically tunable band reject filter (tunable notch filter) using state-of-the-art technology. RI 261 can be fully equipped to conform to all existing cellular mobile phone bands: 455, 698 – 1000, 1400 – 2000, 2000 – 2700, and 3400-3800  MHz. Filter characteristics are remained constant across each band. This is achieved by ingenious microwave design, digital signal processing and the use of state-of-the-art components. A frequency extension option for conformance testing up to 26.5 GHz is available. It contains highpass and lowpass filters in a special configuration for coexistence with RI 261.


The RI 261 Tunable Band Reject Filter is designed for applications such as:
• Conformance testing according to TS 136 521-1
• Spurious emissions measurements
• Blocking measurements
• Design verification of radio transmitters and receivers

RI 261 Tunable Rf Filter


Typical band reject performance

Tunable Band Reject Rf Filter

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