Tips to Select the Right RF Switch Module Device

RF switch module technology | Ranatec
A device that is used to route and pass signals having high frequency, in the fields of electronics and telecommunications is called an RF switch module. Modern RF developments have allowed users to connect coaxial switches that are specifically used for signal routing between instruments and DUTS. Instead of frequently connecting and disconnecting you can simply switch matrices that allow you to conduct multiple tests with the same setup. You can even automate your entire testing process in order to increase your throughput in a high volume production environment (Microwave Journal, RF & MICROWAVE SWITCHES: SELECTING THE RIGHT SWITCH TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR APPLICATION, 2014).

Read the following fundamental factors you need to consider before investing in the right RF switch module technology.

Understand the different types of switches

Before choosing the right switch, it is important to conduct a thorough research about the different types of switch modules and then choosing the one that suits your requirements the best. The two major types of RF switch modules are electro-mechanical switches and solid state switches.

Check for insertion loss

While you have understood the different types of switches that exist it is important to understand that different switch technologies exhibit different insertion loss performance. Insertion loss plays a key role because the efficiency of the sensitivity of the system is affected by the amount of insertion loss.

Enquire about the speed of the switching device

A high-speed generator and an oscilloscope are used for the measurement of switching speed based on the 10 to 90% RF. In industries with demanding environment requiring product testing throughput, it is important to buy switch modules with a fast switching speed.

Check for the operating life

The operating life of a device is determined by the minimum number of cycles before the performance of switch begins to fail. Before you invest in a switch module it is important to check the operating life of the device.

Other factors

Various other factors such as the reliability of the device, repeatability, measurement accuracy, mean time between failure and good isolation need to be considered while buying the right RF switch module.

Choosing a reputed company to buy an RF switch module will help you make sure that your device is on par with the above-mentioned standards. Buy a switch module only after checking for the above discussed key considerations. By equipping yourself with the right knowledge of RF switch solutions engineers can effectively select between life expectancy and cost without compromising on the performance.