RI 1201 Switch Module 40 GHz, 2 x SPDT  rfq2

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Dual SPDT mm-Wave switch module for high frequency applications

• DC-40 GHz frequency bandwidth
• 2xSPDT, reflective, normally open
• 50 dB isolation at 40 GHz
• 1.0 dB insertion loss at 40 GHz
• 1.3:1 VSWR at 40 GHz
• On-board switch counters
• Indicators for coil current
• 5 million switch cycles with 0.03 dB repeatability
• 2.4 mm connectors
• 2-slot, 3HU PXI module
• LabView drivers
• Windows and Linux support


The Ranatec RI 1201 is a wideband PXI switch module for switching of mm-wave signals with high repeatability. It features 50 dB of isolation and 1.0 dB insertion loss at 40 GHz. This is accomplished by using high-end electromechanical relays. The accumulated number of switch cycles is continously stored on a non-volatile memory for each relay. This enables users to get an alert when it’s time to change relays for preventive purposes.

Hardware Architecture

All logic functions are done in an FPGA. This enables users to always be up-to-date with the latest available firmware. For advances users, there is also a possibility to download their own, proprietary, switch logic. This could, for example, be grouping of switches into a matrix, special triggering functions, delays and counter alarms.

Triggering and Synchronization

• Full PXI triggering support, including trigger bus, local bus and star trigger
• Phase lock to PXI 10 MHz reference
• The flexible hardware architecture enables
user-defined triggering events


This switch module was designed for high reliability, high repeatability and high-end electrical performance. Together with the novel software functionalities, this makes it ideal for critical mm-Wave production tests and automated design verifications.

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