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Requirements to test and measure various RF products puts a high demand on RF shielded test facilities such as RF shielded test enclosures. RF shielded enclosure may refer to any type of enclosure with RF shielding properties including RF shielded boxes, cabinets, and rooms. The purpose of a RF shielded test enclosure is to provide good shielding for the device under test, inside the shielded test enclosure, from interference. For this reason, the attenuation achieved in an RF shielded test enclosure is important. Different applications require different shielding attenuation, but in all cases, the RF shielded enclosure design is crucial in order to achieve the right attenuation.

Shielded Test Enclosure Solutions

Ranatec designs and manufactures high performance RF Shield Boxes, covering all cellular and WiFi frequency bands, for various applications. Suitable applications can be:

  • Automotive Multimedia test
  • Mobile telephone test
  • Basestation transceiver test
  • Cellular network test
  • Wireless semiconductor test
  • WLAN/Bluetooth/ZigBee/WiMax device test.

Ranatec also provides Shielded AC, LAN, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and HDMI Feedthru Filters with very good attenuation, suitable for all applications where a signal needs to be fed through a shielded wall. The Shielded LAN and USB Feedthru Filters can be purchased separately or with one of the Ranatec Shield Boxes, in which they are interchangeable.

Ranatec offers various additional accessories with the RF Shield Boxes, creating an interface to suit your application and current need.

Build a customized shield test enclosure (box) with Ranatec

We are a market-leading RF shielded enclosure manufacturer and offer fully customizable shielded test enclosures you can design according to your needs and test requirements. Our customized shield boxes are built on a scalable and flexible platform in terms of both R&D and manufacturing; this enables a fully customized solution at a very competitive price. Build your own shielded test enclosure box perfectly adapted to your operations with Ranatec today. Fill the form below with the custom requirements for your desired shielded test enclosure box:

  • Shape and size
  • Shielding attributes
  • Box material
  • Adjustments for power outlets (AC, DC)
  • Adjustments for ventilation features (vents, fans)
  • Adjustments for interface connectors (LAN, USB, TNC)


RF Shielded Enclosure by Ranatec for good filter suppression performance

Feedthru Filter

EMI/RFI shielded I/O interfaces with filter suppression over all mobile frequency bands.
RF Shield Boxes for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G performance enhancement | Ranatec

Shield Box

Off-the-shelf and customized RF shield boxes with various I/O interface configurations, ventilation, and rack mount option.

FAQ – RF shielded test enclosure

RF shielded test enclosure refers to any enclosure with shielding properties to prevent interference from different radio frequency bands when testing products. The term RF shielded enclosure is used to describe different types of shield enclosures of all sizes:

  • RF shield boxes
  • RF shield cabinets
  • RF shield rooms
Quality, Performance, and Usability are key aspects of the RF Test Equipment at Ranatec. All products at Ranatec are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sweden.

RF shielded enclosures are used for various testing applications such as automotive multimedia, mobile telephones, base station transceivers, cellular networking, wireless semiconductors, and WLAN/Bluetooth/ZigBee/WiMax devices.

Suitable applications for an RF shielded enclosure include, but are not limited to, automotive multimedia, mobile telephones, base station transceivers, cellular networks, wireless semiconductors, and WLAN/Bluetooth/ZigBee/WiMax devices.

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