Ranatec introduces benchmark bandwidth performance with new RI 3101 8×8 Butler Matrix 



Gothenburg, 2020-11-16

Ranatec introduces benchmark bandwidth performance with new RI 3101 8×8 Butler Matrix  

  • Delivers widest operational bandwidth available on the global market and targeted for testing frequencies from 2.4 to 8.0 GHz 

Gothenburg, Sweden, November 16th, 2020: Ranatec, a part of Qamcom Group and progressive creator of test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, announced today that it has extended its product portfolio to include the Ranatec RI 3101 8×8 Butler Matrix. The enhanced RF design represents the Ranatec benchmark for innovation that enables wireless tech companies to perform enhanced testing and qualify their most progressive products. 

Based on cutting-edge Scandinavian technology,  the RI 3101 is designed to perform over the complete Bluetooth and Wi-Fi bands of operation. The Ranatec Butler Matrix delivers the widest operational bandwidth on the market today and is developed for frequencies from 2.4 to 8.0 GHz. In addition, the product is also a valuable tool for testing of wireless products operating on the Wi-Fi extended frequency band up to 7.125 GHz.

”A valuable complement to our portfolio of products for wireless test automation, the new RI 3101 Butler Matrix boasts support for multichannel MIMO testing for 8+8 antenna ports over a large frequency range – the conventional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi bands at 2.4 and 5 GHz are supported as well as an extension up to 8 GHz, confirms Magnus Kilian, CEO at Ranatec”.

According to Ranatec, the RI 3101 Butler Matrix is also highly suitable for antenna array beamforming and interference testing for multiple systems within the frequency range and for multichannel multipath emulation.

RI 3101 Butler Matrix | Ranatec

“We are confident that customers will choose this product based on its performance and quality, continues Kilian. Due to extremely thorough electrical simulations during product development, we achieved a very high Output Phase Accuracy of +/- 10 degrees, where the competition is typically providing a level of 15”.

Addressing the needs of the demanding electronics market, through continual development and improvement Ranatec is creating the value for its customers by introducing new advancements like the new RI 3101 Butler Matrix.  Based on renowned quality and engineering, Ranatec’s competitive portfolio enables customers to test their latest, cutting-edge wireless equipment with superior proficiency – enabling electronics manufacturers to create and secure value-added product offerings and capture a competitive edge and significant share of the global marketplace.

RI 3101 Butler Matrix mechanical outline drawing | RanatecRI 3101 Butler Matrix interfaces | Ranatec


Parameter Typical
Unit Comments
Frequency Range 2.4 to 8 GHz
Return Loss (50 Ω reference) 13 dB VSWR = 1.6 (Max RL 10dB, VSWR 1.9)
Output phase deviation from nominal ±10 °
Output amplitude deviation from nominal <±3 dB Nominal is equal amplitude in the 8 output ports
Insertion Loss <13 dB 9 dB of total 13 dB is splitting loss (1:8)
Isolation >13 dB Measured as isolation between input ports (Max 10 dB)
Maximum power 5 W Total input power (average)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 138 x 131 x 19 mm Including connectors
Mass 0.78 kg
Connector type SMA-F




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