Ranatec expands niche product portfolio – introduces the RI 4195 AC 110/230V Feedthru Filter



Gothenburg, 2021-01-27

Ranatec, a part of the Qamcom Technology AB group and supplier of specialized test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, today announced its newest product, the RI 4195 AC 110/230V Feedthru Filter. Designed for accredited test houses and wireless device vendors, the panel-mountable AC power filter provides 70 dB suppression from 1 GHz to 10 GHz. The new filter has already been delivered to customers in Europe and the US. 

-“More and more products are equipped with a wireless connection, and some of requires 110 or 230V during operation (and testing)”, says Magnus Kilian, CEO, Ranatec. “Numerous customers requested this product, which put it on our priority list.”

-”In addition to launching our newest filter, Ranatec has added two new customers to it’s client portfolio in the first month 2021, further boosting the Ranatec brand within the electronics manufacturing industry,” confirms Magnus Kilian, CEO, Ranatec.

Ranatec’s comprehensive portfolio of filters is used by the leading device manufacturers on the market and is widely accredited for providing a broad range of best-of-breed filters and testing products.

Both 5G and increased data rates require filters for higher bandwidth. The Ranatec RI 4195 helps meet the needs for a high-performance feedthru filter for all types of applications where AC power needs to be fed through a shielded wall. Additionally, RI 4195 provides robust filter suppression performance overall mobile frequency bands and is easy to mount.

RI 4195 AC 110/230V Feedthru Filter | Ranatec

The RI 4195 AC 110/230V Feedthru Filter has been developed for formal conformance testing and internal verification by wireless device vendors and test houses.


  • 230/110 V compatible
  • 6 A max
  • 70 dB filter suppression at 1.0-10 GHz
  • Panel mountable


Primarily designed to fit in Ranatec’s RI 187 and RI 188 shield boxes but can be used separately.

Ranatec works closely with leading global wireless device vendors and accredited test houses to develop benchmark tools that help its customers meet the evolving demands of testing environments – and deliver benchmark services and products.   

Ranatec AB (www.ranatec.com)

A part of the Qamcom Technology AB group, Ranatec designs and manufactures niche test and measurement tools for the most demanding RF and microwave applications. Ranatec is a specialist in test equipment for design verification, product certification, production testing as well as expert trouble-shooting and in-service monitoring. The Ranatec product portfolio has been developed in close cooperation with leading global brands within cellular infrastructure, mobile phone and radar system industries – amongst others, and offers products for Wireless Test Automation, RF/EMC Shielding, and Radar Testing. Ranatec is ISO9001:2015 certified and compliant with the most stringent ISO requirements. Visit our website at www.ranatec.com and follow us on LinkedIn. 

Ranatec Contacts
Leslie Johnsen
Public Relations
M: +47 4145 8043

Magnus Kilian
CEO, Ranatec
M: +46 703 00 50 15

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