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Radar Performance Monitor

The Ranatec RI 900 Radar Performance Monitor is a state-of-the-art, reliable and versatile, high precision, in-service Radar Performance Monitoring System.

An RI 900 Radar Performance Monitoring System installation includes:

  • An RF Head, fitted between the ASR transmit/receive diplexer and the antenna
  • A selection of Peak Power Sensors and Noise Sources, tailored to the actual measurement demand and integrated into the RF Head
  • A Radar Performance Monitor mainframe, hosting up to 4 plug-in units and operated from a 7’’ touchscreen – or remotely
  • A set of plug-in units, to match the selection of Power Detectors and Noise Sources

The Radar Performance Monitoring System is connected to the radar and is active during normal radar operation. It measures and reports online measurement results for both the transmitter- and receiver system.

The RI 900 Radar Performance Monitor is the 4th generation monitor for radar performance test from Ranatec AB. It is fully backwards compatible with its predecessor RM9000 and adds new features and higher performance.


Radar Performance Monitor

Ranatec AB represents 60 years of knowledge in providing high quality, purpose built measurement solutions for the Radar industry.

Radar Performance Test

Radar Performance test is key, in order to:

  • Secure system availability
  • Reduce operational cost


  • Covers all relevant radar bands, up to and including X-band (10 GHz)
  • Flexibly equipped with up to 4 plug-ins, for high precision, in-service monitoring of peak power, pulse shape and receiver sensitivity
  • Extensive triggering possibilities, to support e g sector blanking
  • Versatile and user defined alarms – with less than 4 microseconds response time
  • Remotely controlled and easily integrated with other systems using RS232, RS422, GPIB or LAN
  • Backward compatible with Ranatec RM9000 Radar Performance Monitor
  • Optionally equipped with plug-in units to facilitate on-site calibration, trouble shooting and other service


The RI 900 Radar Performance Monitoring System is used for on-line monitoring of i.a. Airport Surveillance Radars and Naval Radars to:

Secure system availability

  • Early warnings in case of performance degradation due to e g ageing
  • Instant alarm in case of system failure
  • Enable instant switch-over to stand-by receivers

Reduce operational costs

  • Continuous performance monitoring reduces the need for periodic maintenance and off-line performance checks

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