Radar Maintenance Equipment

Ranatec offers a range of equipment for installation, calibration, repair of the radar. It can either be used for online measurements during normal radar operation or offline measurements when the radar is powered off.

A complete radar maintenance kit consists of the following components:

– Instrument containing 1-4 modules
– RF Head
– Noise source
– Peak Power sensors

– Cables

The transmitter (including antenna) is characterized by measuring output- and reflected peak power. The peak power sensors are connected to a RF Head located between the transmitter and the antenna.

The measurement result is displayed either graphically or in table format.

Radar Test Equipment

One way to characterize the receiver is by measuring the noise figure. Noise is then injected with a noise source connected to the RF Head, and measured at the receiver’s IF output using the Noise Figure Module.

The IF signal can also be analyzed by connecting it to the IF Spectrum Analyzer Module. Together with the Signal Generator Module, you can measure the receiver’s gain and spectral performance.

The accurate output power of the Signal Generator Module makes it also suitable for calibration of the receiver’s RSSI curve.

Application Notes

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Typical Installation of a radar Monitor System in a Dual Channel Surveillance Radaricon_pdf