RI 1801 Digitizer 160 Msps, 16-bit  

Data sheet
Ultra-linear digitizer with high dynamic range and wide bandwidth


• 550 MHz input bandwidth
• 77 dBFS SINAD@30 MHz, -1dBFS
• 100 dBc SFDR@30 MHz, -1dBFS
• 115 dBFS SFDR@30 MHz, -25dBFS, Dither activated
• 16 bit ADC with 160 MHz sample rate
• 32 MB sample memory
• Internal Dithering
• Flexible and open hardware architecture for
customized realtime signal processing
• 1-slot, 3HU PXI module
• LabView drivers
• Windows and Linux support


The Ranatec RI 1801 is a ultra-linear digitizer for demanding signal analysis. It features 100 dB spurious free dynamic range and 550 MHz input bandwidth. This is accomplished by using an ultra-linear ADC that works up to 160 Msps at 16-bit resolution. The 32 MB on-board memory enables storage of 16 million samples, which corresponds to 0.1 seconds at full speed.

Hardware architecture

All signal processing is done in an FPGA. This enables users to always be up-to-date with the latest available firmware. For advanced users, there is also a possibility to download their own, proprietary, realtime signal processing algorithms. This could be invaluable for cutting production test-time. Your PASS/FAIL decisions may be made locally in the PXI module.

Triggering, Clocking and Synchronization

• Full PXI triggering support, including trigger bus,
local bus and star trigger
• Internal 160 MHz or external 1-160 MHz sample
clock (software selectable)
• Phase lock to PXI 10 MHz reference
• Pretrig and posttrig acquisition
• The flexible hardware architecture enables
user-defined triggering events

Pxi Digitizer

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