RI 900 Radar Performance Monitor  

Data sheet

The Ranatec RI 900 is the 4th generation radar performance monitor from Ranatec Instrument AB / Magnetic AB. It is fully backwards compatible with its predecessor RM9000 and adds new features and higher performance. It also replaces the obsolete MT7300 series (MT7310, MT7320, MT7321, MT7360, MT7370, MT7371) system noise monitors from Maury Microwave.


  • Online monitoring of Peak Power and Noise Figure
  • High resolution touchscreen display
  • Up to 4 independent instrument modules
  • IF center frequencies between 10 and 200 MHz
  • RF frequencies between 10 MHz and 10 GHz in
  • combination with corresponding Ranatec Noise Sources and Power Sensors
  • Extensive triggering possibilities
  • Remote control via RS232, RS422, GPIB or LAN
Radar Performance Monitor

Model 9000  

Data sheet

The Monitor Series 9000 is designed to monitor the RF performance of a radar system. It offers the capability of continuously monitoring the Average Output Power, Average Reflected Power (antenna VSWR) and Noise Figure without interfering with the normal operation of the radar.

Due to the modular design, a choice of up to four power measurements and up to four noise figure measurements can be performed simultaneously in one instrument. The trigger input provides synchronization of the monitor timing circuits with the radar Tx pulse.

The Monitor Series 9000 displays the measured parameters on a 4 by 20 character display and compares the measured values with user-set alarm levels. For each measured value an individual alarm level can be set.

The instrument can be operated either with the front panel keypad or remotely via RS232C, LAN or GPIB (IEEE-488) interface. The Monitor information can be used to automatically switch over from a faulty to a standby Tx/Rx unit or to detect deterioration and ageing before a critical condition occurs.

To enhance the absolute measurement accuracy, Monitor 9000 incorporates a feature which allows the operator to store correction values which compensate for sensor tolerances. Calibration tables are attached to each sensor and directional coupler for this purpose.

Note that the Monitor 9000 is fully compatible with all previous Monitor models made by Ranatec Instrument AB and Magnetic AB for plug in replacement.

Application Notes

Radar Performance Monitoringicon_pdf
Radar Monitor 9000 and a RF-headicon_pdf
Typical Installation of a radar Monitor System in a Dual Channel Surveillance Radaricon_pdf


Radar Monitor/Signal Generator Systemicon_pdf

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet, Radar Monitor System 9000icon_pdf


Both RI 900 and RM9000 replaces all below products in form-fit-and-function:

Magnetic AB 001
Magnetic AB 002
Magnetic AB 003
Magnetic AB 004
Magnetic AB 010
Magnetic AB 011
Magnetic AB 012
Magnetic AB 013
Magnetic AB 014
Magnetic AB 020
Magnetic AB 021
Magnetic AB 022
Magnetic AB 023
Magnetic AB 024
Magnetic AB 030
Magnetic AB 031
Magnetic AB 032
Magnetic AB 033
Magnetic AB 034
Magnetic AB 040
Magnetic AB 041
Magnetic AB 042
Magnetic AB 043
Magnetic AB 044
Maury Microwave MT7300
Maury Microwave MT7310
Maury Microwave MT7320
Maury Microwave MT7321
Maury Microwave MT7360
Maury Microwave MT7370
Maury Microwave MT7371

Radar Performance Monitor Series 9000

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