RI 700 Carrier-to-Noise Generator

Data sheet

Carrier-to-Noise Generator, 0.5-2.7 GHz, 8 ch

Wideband Carrier-to-Noise Generator with high dynamic range and web browser user interface


• 0.5 – 2.7 GHz signal and noise frequency range
• -93 dBm/Hz maximum noise spectral density
• 81 dB SNR range
• 8 channels with uncorrelated noise sources
• ±3 dB noise fl atness over full band
• <0.1 dB/oC noise stability over temperature
• Internal webserver
• Confi gurable IP settings
• 19”, 2HU rackmountable chassis


The Ranatec RI 700 is a wideband Carrier-to-Noise Generator with 8 separate channels. Noise spectral density can be set to any value between -174 and -93 dBm/Hz in 0.5 dB steps.


The RI 700 is designed to cover all cellular bands, making it ideal for applications such as:
• BER test
• Receiver test
• Handover test

RI 700 Noise Generator|Ranatec

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RI 700 Carrier-to-Noise Generator|Ranatec

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