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3 September 2018

Qamcom acquires ranatec instrument ab

Qamcom Technology AB has, as of September 3rd, acquired all shares in Ranatec Instrument AB. Ranatec will remain its own company and brand but will be operationally integrated into the Qamcom Group.

“Through the acquisition, Ranatec enters into a new context and Qamcom’s expertise in the entire wireless segment represents new opportunities for further development of Ranatec’s product portfolio and business. With this, Ranatec will be able to strengthen its offerings to existing and new customers”, says Ranatec’s leaving CEO and former main owner Tomas Ornstein

“For Qamcom, this is a natural step in our strategy of broadening and expanding our business,” says Johan Lassing, CEO of Qamcom Technology AB. “Ranatec has a unique and strong product portfolio and an impressive customer base. Combined with Qamcom’s technical skills and existing customer relations, the ambition is to create a strong, combined offering.”

From September 3rd, Dag Jungenfelt will act as CEO of Ranatec and Lars Lönnstig as Marketing Manager.

For additional information, please contact:
Dag Jungenfelt (CEO, Ranatec)
+46 (0)70-987 2827

Qamcom Technology AB is focused on providing product development in partnership with customers and offering specialist services in the areas of signal processing, communication systems, radar systems, automotive systems and functional safety.

We are domain specialists with a holistic system view. As system experts, we create robust, scalable solutions within our domains.

To be able to do this, we have created an organization that, in addition to world-class domain expertise, offers qualified, cross-genre expertise in certification, products and supply, product and system development and precision mechanics.

Ranatec Instrument AB ( is a provider of radio and microwave test equipment for design verification, product certification, production testing as well as trouble-shooting and in-service monitoring.

The product portfolio has been developed in close cooperation with leading customers, active within the cellular infrastructure, mobile phone and radar system industries. However, most products may find applications in other segments, such as the automotive industry.

The strategy is to identify and address niches where conventional solutions from tier-1 test equipment providers are less competitive.

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