RI 2441 SP4T Latching Solid State Switch DC~ 6 GHz  rfq2

Data sheet


  • Switch Mode: SP4T latching, terminated.
  • DC ~ 6 GHz frequency range.
  • Insertion Loss < 1.9 dB up to 3 GHz.
  • 63 dBm IIP3.
  • +30 dBm maximum input power.
  • Flexible supply voltage: 5 ~ 45 VDC.
  • Switching time < 100 µs.
  • High repeatability.
  • Ultra-long life.

Product Overview

RI 2441 is a high performance RF & Microwave Solid State Switch module with single-pole-four-throw (SP4T). It is very well suited for high volume testing where long lifetime is required without sacrificing RF performance. RI 2441 offers very good linearity, power handling and switching speed.  

Latching Solid State Switch


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