High Power Attenuators

These High Power Attenuators are designed to have the lowest VSWR on the market and may be tailored to special customer requirements.

 Model 911  

The High Power Attenuator with a movable short, is used to introduce a fixed standing wave ratio in a waveguide transmission line. By means of the movable short the phase of the standing wave can be varied. This set up is very suitable for determining the characteristics of high power magnetrons and klystrons, and for studies of break down in high power systems and components.

When the Attenuator is terminated with a short, the VSWR introduced in the transmission line for an attenuation of 7.0 dB is 1.5 and for 4.8 dB 2.0. The VSWR 1.5 and 2.0 are typical for testing magnetrons and klystrons. The High Power Attenuator can also be used in any other application where one desires to decrease the power to a more suitable level for the test gear in use.

High Power Attenuator

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