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If you are wondering whether investing in RF shield right now is necessary, you need to know everything about them in order to make an informed decision. RF shield as the name suggests, is useful for blocking any radio frequency interference. In this technological age, radio frequency has become omnipresent. This makes protecting electronic and computer devices from any radio frequency interference even more important. These interference can adversely affect the performance and functionality of your device and this is where RF shield comes into the picture. In fact your RF noise can really impact your networks performance.

Shield box can be used for various applications such as automotive multimedia test, mobile telephone test, cellular network test, wireless semiconductor test, WLAN/ Bluetooth/ WiMax device test and basestation transceiver test. Read about the following factors that you should consider while investing in RF shields.


Price is usually the most important factor for a lot of companies. However, it is also important to remember that performance and price need to go hand in hand. However if you are on a budget and want to purchase a relatively cheaper RF shield you can consider investing in steel shields which are usually 10% less expensive than copper.


RF shields are available in three popular metals namely copper, aluminum and steel-based materials. Aluminum can be used in the form a foil for blocking low frequency radio field waves. Steel shielding can be useful for various processes like hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing of material and much more and can have a profound effect on shielding capabilities. You can also choose copper shields that have a high conductivity and provide a better resistance to corrosion and oxidation. In short copper shields offer an ideal solution for outdoor environments.

Increasing the effectiveness of your rf shield

For optimum shielding the best solution would be a sealed container without any openings. Unfortunately such a solution is not practical since the device inside the container has inputs and outputs. In order to increase the efficiency of your shield, you can consider using your device in conjunction with other different compression techniques like filtering, grounding etc.

Varieties of rf shield

Along with different materials a shield is also available in different shapes and sizes. You can avail shields in the form of simple metal boxes to conductive foams and metal films. You can choose the one that suits your requirement the best.

It is important to consider the above mentioned factors while investing in RF shields along with choosing a reputed company. Buyers should conduct a thorough research and have a comprehensive knowledge while buying the right RF shield. Buyers could also consider investing in RF sensors along with RF shield for an enhanced performance.

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