Everything You Need To Know About Carrier to Noise Generator


Everything You Need To Know About Carrier to Noise Generator | Ranatec

There are various instruments that are used to evaluate the performance of wireless communication systems, microwaves, cellular, satellite communications and similar ones. A few of these instruments which are used by businesses are fading emulators, shield box. Feedthrough filters and carrier to noise generators. While each of these products is used for different functions while testing, the one that is commonly used these days is carrier to noise generators. Keep reading to know about the meaning, uses and applications of this type of generators.

What is a carrier to noise generator?

The carrier to noise ratio is used in various industries such as telecommunications. This instrument uses the common ratio which is written CNR or C/N. The C/N ratio is measured in a similar way the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) is measured. Both of these specifications are used to give an indication of the quality of a communications channel, or the device which is being tested. However, the latter ratio is more useful in satellite communications systems to point or align the receiving signal (Search Networking, CARRIER-TO-NOISE RATIO (CNR OR C/N), n.d.).

This is what a carrier to noise generator is used for. Mentioned below are some of the common features of this type of generators.

Features of carrier to noise generator

• Noise level adjustment without breaking the carrier path to output

• Accurate and repeatable setting of Carrier-to-Noise

• Selectable noise bandwidth

• Fast C/N level setup time (5 ms)

• Low distortion in carrier path

• Windows and Linux support

Overview of carrier to noise generator

Most of the carrier to noise generators these days are available in the PXI format. In this device, the noise can be adjusted and added to it, without worrying about breaking the carrier path from input or output.

These are a few pointers that explain the meaning, features and give a brief overview about carrier to noise generators. Businesses who all are looking for a similar device or RF equipment should check RF shield box, tunable filters, sensors, and similar ones.

The selection of the right RF equipment can help determine if users can obtain accurate measurements for installation, maintenance or manufacturing of a system.  Hence, it is important for businesses to get in touch with reputed RF equipment and other devices manufactures, who can provide them with the desired results.

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