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Covers all present WiFi bands from 2.4 to 7.125 and future extensions up to 8 GHz. With the 8 x 8 channel Butler Matrix any number of MIMO configuration up to 8 TX and 8 RX channels can be tested. Other possible applications are as multibeam array antenna feed and multipath channel emulation for mobile communication.

Fiber Feedthru | Ranatec


The fiber optic feedthru element offers test houses and labs benchmark performance with 120 dB suppression at 100 MHz – 15 GHz. The RI 4196 har 6 slots for fiber feedthru and is prepared for simple and reliable panel mounting.


Tunable Band Reject Filter

Band reject filter with high resolution electronical tuning between 600-6000 MHz, for 2G/3G/4G/5G applications.

Feedthru Filter

EMI/RFI shielded I/O interfaces with filter suppression over all mobile frequency bands.

Shield Box

Off-the-shelf and customized RF shield boxes with various I/O interface configurations, ventilation, and rack mount option.

EMI Ventilation Panel

Enables ventilation of shielded boxes and rooms, while maintaining EMI/RFI shielding.
Attenuator Box | Ranatec

Digital Attenuator Box

Digital attenuator systems with attenuation range of more than 90 dB in steps of up to 0.25 dB.

Digital Attenuator Module

Digital attenuator module with attenuation range of more than 90 dB in steps of up to 0.25 dB.

Switch Box

Flexible test system automation platform that helps you to integrate your complete test system into a single box.

Switch Module

RF and Microwave Solid State Switches with long lifetime, fast switching time, and low power consumption.

Butler Matrix

8 x 8 Butler Matrix with the widest operational bandwidth on the market, developed for frequencies from 2.4 to 8 GHz.
RI 241 Radar Performance Monitor | Ranatec

Fading Emulator

A multichannel fading emulator designed to fit into any general-purpose microwave radio link test bench.
RI 900 Radar Performance Monitor | Ranatec

Radar Monitor

In-service monitoring system that measures and reports online results for both the transmitter and receiver signal.


Attenuators and terminations with low VSWR, that can handle high power without the need of fans.


The ever-increasing complexity and capabilities of wireless solutions call for automated test solutions, all through the product life cycle – from design evaluation to product certification and production testing. Ranatec provides RF Switching solutions, Programmable Filters and Channel Emulators that enable time and cost-efficient testing of wireless systems and devices.


The radio spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded and wireless receivers and transmitters are becoming part of almost any product. Ranatec provides Shielded Enclosures and Filters that secure a high level of isolation to/from the ambient radio environment. Our shielded solutions are part of our customer’s prototyping activities, laboratory and factory testing – as well as volume products.


A well-functioning switch solution is key in an automated RF test system. The Ranatec portfolio includes state-of art switch modules, as well as plug-and-play switch boxes and switch systems. We give you the flexibility to choose from a number of standard products, or we design your custom solution based on your requirements, using our scalable switch platform.


The future is data driven. Huge amount of data is thru AI turned into valuable information and decisions. An essential part for generating data is the sensors, and the sensors transmits the data thru wireless connection. The number of sensors and wireless devices is ever-increasing, and the demand for advanced R&D and testing of these sensors is crucial. An automated test system is necessary in order to perform all performance related and regulatory tests.

Customized Solutions

We offer standard and well as custom products. Ranatec offers design, engineering and manufacturing of customized products and solutions to suit your application. Ranatec has the competencies and resources to take on both small and large customization projects. Custom solutions are developed in an efficient way thru our agile organization, with tight cooperation between sales, engineering, manufacturing and customer support. Low cost and high quality is obtained thru the use of our modular mechanical and electrical platform.

Radar Solutions

Ranatec provides in-service Radar Performance Monitoring systems and Waveguide products that ensures quality and operational continuity of mission-critical radar installations. The Ranatec Radar Performance Monitor includes advanced sensors as well as state of the art data analysis. The system monitors the performance of your radar system each millisecond, minimizing downtime as well as maintenance costs. Our portfolio of waveguides includes microwave attenuators and terminations for the most demanding requirements. Our products includes a unique technology to maximize microwave absorption and minimizing reflections and SNR. We offer a number of standard waveguides, as well as offering custom design and engineering based on your unique and challenging requirements.

RF Test Equipment

Ranatec strives to make your wireless testing more accurate and more efficient. We offer state-of-the-art RF switches, RF attenuators, RF filters and RF boxes for your RF test system. Our offering of RF Measurement Equipment includes, shielding, filtering, attenuation and switching products suitable for your Bluetooth, WiFi and 2G/3G/4G/5G testing. We also have the capability to design your complete and custom test system, based on your requirements. Our customers are producers of Semiconductor, Devices and Base stations, as well as ISP:s and certification institutes. Ranatec is not a distributor, we are a RF Test Equipment manufacturer, with sales, engineering, manufacturing and customer support in Gothenburg, Sweden.


RF test equipment refers to test equipment for test of products receiving or transmitting a RF signal. Typical products are Shielded rooms, RF boxes, Absorbers, Cables, Connectors, Filters, Attenuators, Amplifiers, Switches, Signal generators, Signal analyzer, Antennas and software.

Quality, Performance, and Usability are key aspects of the RF Test Equipment at Ranatec. All products at Ranatec are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sweden.

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